Château la Levrette claret 2007

Château la Levrette


A work on the duration

To obtain continuity in the quality of our wines, we work in the vineyard on the wine storehouse in a reasoned way.

2007 : A difficult year. One spring of season which looked of the advance to the vineyard. A rainy summer with a lot of work in the vineyard. A late harvest to take advantage completely of the sun of September and bring bais to full maturity.
At the beginning of the grape harvests on October 5th on the day. The weather report is completed : weather brightened up in the daytime with temperatures bordering 23 ° C and cool harms her 15°C. The collected bays are for perfect maturity and are selections on the table of sort out.


The claret wine arises from "Heavy losses" after 24 hours of the cold maceration. The alcoholic fermentation is made in barrel follow-up by 6 months of breeding.


Wine to be consumed freshly between 12 - 14 °c
Dress of color raspberry, steady and brilliant. The nose is very fruity (raspberry, jam of strawberry). The attack is round and fresh. This wine is an example of balance between the curvature and the acidity.


In apéritif, typed, spicy dishes (earthenware cooking pot (meat stew), chicken in the curry, the lamb Korma), cooked pork meats, Asian dishes, dessert, salad of fruit.

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