Château la Levrette White 2007

Photo de Guillaume de Chateauvieux Château la Levrette blanc


A work on the duration

To obtain continuity in the quality of our wines, we work in the vineyard on the wine storehouse in a reasoned way.

2007 : A difficult year. One spring of season which looked of the advance to the vineyard. A rainy summer with a lot of work in the vineyard. A late harvest to take advantage completely of the sun of September and bring bais to full maturity.
At the beginning of the grape harvests on September 17th on the day. The weather report is completed : weather brightened up in the daytime with temperatures bordering 23 ° C and cool harms her 15°C. Harvested manually in refrigerated trays, the clusters are transported in the wine storehouse for the second selection on the table of sorting.


Cold dandruff maceration. Alcoholic fermentation in barrel, 8 months of breeding with a regular batonnage.


Wine to be been of use to 14 - 16 °c
Brilliant steady yellow dress, aromatic complexity on notes vanilla and fruity (kiwi, mango), of citrus fruit and fruit yellow and white (grapefruit, peach, candied fruits), round and fat in attack, height in long and fresh mouth, finale.


In aperitif (is self-sufficient to himself), Tartar of salmon, fishes in sauce (St Pierre in the white butter), burned out spiny lobster, walnut of Holy Jacques fried, chicken in chanterelles, foie gras, cheeses (fresh goat, ewe of Pyrenees).

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