Bordeaux: First Afternoon

Bordeaux: First Afternoon

vendredi 30 Sep 2011

Article de Fredric Koeppel – Bigger Than Your Head

[…]  » Winemaker Laetitia Mauriac, for example – the writer Francois Mauriac was her great-uncle – is justly proud that her Chateau la Levrette 2007, Bordeaux Blanc, is served at a Michelin-starred restaurant. […]
La Levrette 2007 –  » levrette » means greyhound – made completely from sauvignon blanc grapes, sports a brilliant golden color and a remarkable bouquet of almond blossom and almond skin, roasted lemons, pears and cloves. […]
Chateau La Levrette 2009 , Bordeaux Clairet, embodies pure raspberry and mulberry scents and flavors with heady aromas of mulling spices and soft , moderate tannins for a bit of firmness and structure in the mouth. This was absolutely delightful as an aperitif wine and would be terrific, served slightly chilled , on picnics or around the pool or patio.

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