Celebrating Women Wine Producers and Professionals

vendredi 9 Mar 2012

by Evelyne Resnick – Wine Brands Blog

 » March 8 is officially our day, Women’s Day . We should pay more often a tribute to those women, wine producers or professionals, who are often the source of interesting initiatives . This article aims at mentioning just a few of those ideas or different approaches on various wine related topics . This is my way to tell them « Thank you » not only for some of the best wines I tasted but also for being great human beings and friends. […]

I knew Laetitia’s wines and strategy from various tastings and events. Her name is famous in France as she is the great-niece of the writer François Mauriac , who owned Château Malagar and placed many of his novels in the Bordeaux region . But Laetitia is more than the heir of a prestigious name. She is a nice, bright, creative and imaginative wine producer and woman. »

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Château La Levrette :