Vert de Vin

By Jonathan Choukroun Chicheportiche – Vert de Vin

[…]  » Who is « behind » this vineyard? A dynamic winemaker named Laetitia Mauriac.

It was in 2005 that this granddaughter Mähler Besses‘joined the project of her brother Arthur, and so therefore embarked on the adventure of wine by buying parcels of vines already planted…..
esses‘ joined

The levrette is simply a female greyhound in french.But it’s also a race who the king was keen on, among others Francis 1st ( french King) and Catherine de Medici.
The greyhound is a dog known for its loyalty , elegance , and for its finesse …. the perfect image of the wines of this operation …. This also explains the logo….[…]

After the white side, move to the red side (2007 vintage) Pretty ruby color , intense nose develops aromas of black fruit, jammy ripe fruit, spices … ending with very pleasant toasted notes. Silky tannins also delight your taste buds …

Personally I would associate freely with the white sushi / maki Japanese or a red mullet and melted leeks ….

The red agrees perfectly with a sauteed foie gras with ginger poached pears . » […]